Music Therapy

The Christmas season and music go together.  To me, music creates a mood. It soothes, it excites, it inspires, and it is a very powerful force. Listening to music is also a simple way to enhance your life. I love that.

Studies show that the human brain responds to music in ways that are beyond our comprehension. I am amazed at the emotion that music can evoke. How is that? Why do certain melodies move me to tears and others make me laugh. A song that I haven’t heard in a while can trigger deep memories.

Music is even used medically in brain damaged patients to stimulate the certain areas of the brain to take over functions lost in others. To me that means that listening to music creates more neural pathways and in a way “exercises” our brain.

For all of the above reasons, Music Therapy is becoming more popular. Because music has so powerful of an effect on our brain it is used therapeutically to control pain, manage stress and combat depression. From Alzheimer’s patients to very small children, it is fascinating how music can help develop and repair a brain. For everyday life it can help you relax, manage stress and take control over your own mood.

Our world is so visually stimulating, especially today with technology. Music keeps our auditory sense smart and developed. And the choices are endless. I love the soft flowing music and powerful chants played at the end of yoga while we meditate and breathe deep. I love fixing dinner and drinking a glass of wine while singing along to Maroon 5 or The Weepies. Pianists like Jason Walker calm me and bands like Live excite me.

Knowing the potential positive effects of music and the simplicity of surrounding myself with it, I can’t help but integrate it into my life more and more.   It is wonderful way to enrich my life!

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