Veronica’s Reel

Veronica Bosgraaf, Pure Founder & Mompreneur

Veronica has extensive experience speaking nationally about founding a business as a mom. She has also appeared on various television programs both nationally and locally.

If you would like to book Veronica for an upcoming appearance or opportunity please contact Leah Soloff at Stanton & Company.

Speaking topics include:

  1. From the kitchen to the Supermarket: How to build a strong brand
  2. Setting goals when starting your own business
  3. Mompreneur:  finding balance in life with work, play and family—time management, making each hour count, setting realistic goals.
  4. Helping build your brand through social cause
  5. Building healthy minded children: raising green children in a non-green world
  6. Food for thought: stress relieving foods that will help you get through the work week
  7. Work-life balance
  8. Foods to spice up your love life
  9. Meatless meals: how to be a vegetarian one day a week
  10. 10 ways to live more eco friendly