Pure is committed to giving back, promoting a healthier way of life, and making a positive impact on the community.

Altruism can be habit-forming. We’re kind of addicted. We, the people behind Pure, enjoy giving back to the global community. Pure believes in feeding people with nature’s bounty, but we also believe in providing nourishment for the planet itself.

Founded in 2004, the Lunchbox Fund focuses on increasing the lives of impoverished students in South Africa by providing free and healthy lunches. Pure has supported the Lunchbox Fund’s efforts, knowing that the simplest solutions can often make a substantial difference.

To date Pure has donated more than 76,685 lunches to children in Africa.

Click here to donate directly to The Lunchbox Fund

Pure donates awesome Electra Beach Cruiser filled with Pure Bars and gear to Holland Hospice 2014 charity event and raises 3,500.00 for Hospice care.

Pure was born in a kitchen with the goal of helping a child live a healthy lifestyle beginning with a simple snack. Today, Pure continues to lend a hand to various organizations, one snack at a time.

If you are a nonprofit seeking a healthy, helping hand, contact us.