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Rave reviews about Pure Bars

Pure bars are one of a few bars that are Ashley Koff Approved (AKA). In addition to great taste, they provide nutrient-balanced, organic plant ingredients. Very Qualitarian, indeed!

-Ashley Koff, RD


Loving the feeling
I have been replacing my breakfast with the Pure Bars and I love how long the full feeling lasts! The calorie count being incredibly low, they are also good at aiding weight loss. There is so much goodness that comes from one small bar, it’s unbelievable!
- Stephany,

3 is not enough
Although I have yet to try all of your Pure Bar flavors (I have tired 3 flavors so far) I just have to write you in order to tell you to keep up the good work! All the flavors that I have tried so far are delicious! I am a vegan and truly appreciate your products, not only for being vegan but also for being GMO-free, organic, and healthy. Your bars are a real treat, much better than candy! I’m looking forward now in trying the rest of your products and flavors. Thank you!
- J Bellenger

Loving Wild blueberry
I came across the Pure bar while browsing through the organic food section at my local Giant Food and decided to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! Its by far the best organic bar I have tried yet (wild blueberry). I am going back to buy more flavors! I would love to try more and introduce them to my friends. Thanks!
- J Wolfgang

Pure Bar chocolate brownie is amazing
I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your pure bar chocolate brownie bar is! I used to eat cliff z bars but realized their nutritional content was not entirely healthy! I then tried Larabars, and while I liked them, they were not as high in protein as pure bars and they were more calories as well! These bars leave me feeling satisfied when I have a sweet craving and I don’t feel as guilty because I am eating fruits and nuts. Great product! I buy them by the box! :)
- M Swistak

Pure Bar is a healthy, great tasting snack bar
The Pure bar snack bar sure taste great. I eat several different kinds and brands – though mostly the fruit varieties – and they all lack something, yet these Pure bars have a wonderful combination of ingredients. The cranberry orange combination is just right in terms of tartness, not too sweet, a little crunchy, not too dense, you really feel like you are eating something filling and healthy. They are pretty popular I think because Amazon tends to run out of them quite frequently. I highly recommend these.
- V. Vanderbent

Pure Bar is a fabulous cranberry-orange muffin flavor
I love the taste of cranberry/orange muffins and cranberries in general, but it’s hard to find organic cranberries in any form. I really enjoyed the taste and dense chewy texture of this Pure bar. I picked one up at my local health food store, but I’m purchasing a case for me and a case of apple/cinnamon for my husband based on other reviews of that flavor!

Pure Bars are yummy!
I love cranberries and oranges and this blend of organic ingredients is absolutely delicious. I shared with my sisters and they really enjoyed it also.
- L. Ocasio

Finally! A real food snack solution for vegetarians and vegans
If you are a vegetarian you’ll like these. If you eat a lot of natural foods like grains, vegetables, nuts, etc. . you will like the taste and texture. If you like that fake high sugar and chemical taste of most of the protein bars out there, . . which I don’t, . . you won’t like these. These are for people who like real food and don’t need 8 tablespoons of sugar for something to taste good.

These are great to take along with you so that you’ll always have something healthy to eat. Being a vegetarian, it is very hard to find food that isn’t garbage (when you’re not home) because 90% of most food is. All the people at work eat the junk from the vending machine and buy sodas. I can now bring these to work and have them available if I feel I need to eat something.
Thanks to Pure for creating these!
- M. Pecoraro

I was never a fan of breakfast until I discovered Pure Bar
I have a hard time eating breakfast. Every expert says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I still was never a big fan of the morning meal…until I discovered Pure Bar. I eat this bar with a glass of orange/carrot juice and it takes me easily through my morning. I highly recommend Pure Bar Blueberry and Cherry. Yum!
- K. Shih

Pure Bar is great for celiac sufferers
These Pure snack bars are really good. I guess the selling point for me is that my daughter, who has Celiac, really likes them and she tends to be a picky eater. We’ll be picking up more of these!
- J. Yeager

Usually healthy snack bars still leave me hungry. Not Pure Bar
If you like a fruit type snack, you should be very happy with the Pure bar. Definite cherry flavor. Not too sweet, which is good for me. Straight fruit for a snack usually leaves me even hungrier than before, but the nuts in this bar provide just enough protein and fat to balance things out for a satisfying snack.
- D. Harris

Pure Bar is a perfect quick pick-me-up!
The Pure bar is a great option whenever you need a quick “pick-me-up” during the day (or night!). I like taking in food that is healthy for me and I love the cherry-cashew combination.
- H. Hathaway

Pure Bar fights off my hunger and tastes great
The best part about the Pure bar is that (unlike most others) I cannot taste the dates. These bars are a little sweet, but not too much so; the tartness of the cherries helps balance things out. I take these with me for breakfast or a snack to classes, and it helps fight off any hunger with the protein it provides. I’ve also found that it is more filling if I drink something (juice or a bottle of water) and can make a quick meal of it. I’m new to this whole raw food thing, so these have been life-savers for when I’m tired of eating whole foods and salads.
- M. Whitehead

Pure Bar is the best snack ever
These Pure Cherry Cashew bars are wonderful! I am trying to watch what I eat and look at labels to make sure what I am eating is not overly processed. Much of the food available that is “all natural” sometimes has a “different taste to them. These bars are wonderful and taste the same as any other snack. I have become addicted to them!

Pure Bar is like a fruit roll-up, only thicker!
When I first tried the Pure cherry cashew bar, it reminded me of fruit rollups but thicker. Not what I expected – very tasty. I expected a more nutty bar, but chewy is great.
- E. Johnson, store owner carrying Pure Bar

Pure bar is 100% worth the extra pennies.
Even though the Pure Bars are little more expensive than other organic bars, they are worth it ì and they really are 100% organic! The Cherry Cashew is the best of the flavors I’ve tried, very tart and nutty.
- C. Marek

Pure Bar Chocolate Brownie is like eating a brownie fresh from the oven and it’s 100% raw vegan!
This bar is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to eating a brownie fresh from the oven in a packaged food. I have no idea how the folks at Pure Bar managed to make a chocolate bar that tastes so much like baked goods, using only raw and living ingredients, but it’s wonderful that they have, and I mean to buy several more cases.

Any of the store bought brownies you’ve had won’t satisfy you like this will – Entemanns and Hostess are not nearly as delicious and warm-tasting, and the health food and energy bars I’ve had that are chocolate flavored always end up tasting like wheat germ or oats.

It’s easy to carry Pure Bars – one bar fills me up, and as a chocolate fan, I am happy to see that Pure Bar uses raw cacao powder – the real deal, and not carob chocolate substitutes. You can definitely taste the difference. This particular Pure Bar product makes for the best tasting snackfood or dessert I’ve ever eaten out of a wrapper, and unless you’re on a completely raw vegan diet, it’s going to be better for you than whatever meal you ate just beforehand! If you like chocolate like I do, you’re going to love this. It’s a soft, gooey brownie, pure and simple, walnuts and all.
- T. Stead

Pure’s raw Chocolate Brownie bar is amazing!
I’m a big buyer of health food bars, because I’m a college student and I don’t have a lot of time to put together healthy meals during the week. After doing a lot of reading I’ve been gravitating more towards “Raw foods”, and more specifically, “Raw Bars”. I like Lara Bars, but sometimes I feel like they don’t satisfy me enough, and most of the flavors I like have over 220 calories. I saw these Pure Chocolate Brownie bars in Lowe’s, and decided to try them.

I tried all of the other flavors first, and though I do really like the Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip Trail Mix, Chocolate Brownie is by far, my favorite! I enjoy them alone, but I tried one with just a TINY bit of peanut butter spread on it and it was even better. It really tastes like a rich gooey brownie – and totally satisfies my chocolate craving.

I babysit all day during the summer and it kills me to watch the kids enjoying their treats – but if I bring along one of these bars I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all, Now they’re jealous of ME because the Pure Bars are that good!
- Lucy

Chocolate cravers rejoice with Pure Bar
If you are craving chocolate and want to keep it pure and simple, try this chocolate brownie bar. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time, it’s a great snack. Made with 100% organic and all raw ingredients, I recommend you try this one the next time a brownie craving comes to mind.
- M. Reinbach

Pure Bar is brownie-o-riffic!
This is the first Pure Bar I’ve ever tried (and the first raw food bar, for that matter), and I am amazed at how delicious it is. The bar is chewy, chocolatey, nutty, and just plain tasty! If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to brownies and/or just want your chocolate fix, then buy a box of these and satisfy that sweet tooth!
- T. Meyers

The Pure Chocolate Brownie Bar is one very special treat.
I don’t know how Pure bars would taste to someone accustomed to eating junk foods and cooked foods, but I have been eating only raw foods for two months and these bars are really a special treat. The chocolate in them is as pleasing to me as any chocolate cake, brownie, or candy bar ever was when I used to eat junk foods – even more so because I know that they are healthy and I am truly satisfied once I am finished with the bar!
- R.C.

How did Pure bar make its chocolate brownie without flour?!
When I saw Pure’s “Brownie Bar,” I wondered what kind of flour it had, since it is also listed as gluten free. There is no flour. Yet you’d think you were eating a chewy brownie. Nutritionally it’s very good without the use of anything artificial. While I rated another gluten free bar a very high “4,” I’d have to give this one a full “5″ rating. I try to reserve a “5″ rating for the best of the best, and this product gets the full “5.”
- Grits

Chocolate attack! Thanks Pure bar!
The more you eat Pure bars, the more they grow on you ì they’re delicious. The Chocolate Brownie is an entirely healthy way to get your “chocolate fix”. They completely satisfy my chocolate craving in a natural and good-for-you way.

Pure bar is one of the best raw food bars on the market.
This Pure bar is not your typical brownie, especially as a health food bar. It’s one of the best-tasting raw food bars on the market.
- S. Bridger

Pure bar is a delectable delight!
This is a very tasty bar! I have tried almost every raw food bar on the market and this is definitely one of the best! It’s not too heavy and tastes soooooooo good…have I mentioned it’s yummy? LoL.
- Ionia

This bar is like having a piece of apple pie without the guilt!
I would highly recommend Pure’s Apple Cinammon health bar. I have tried so many “health bars” and when I opened them up they all tasted dry and like cardboard….YUK! Not this one! This bar is like having a piece of apple pie without the guilt!
- K. Edwards

Pure is my choice for a fast food!
Pure makes a delicious bar. It tastes like an apple cinnamon dessert yet isn’t overly sweet to the point that it leaves me sugared up. I love that it is made with truly wholesome ingredients (100% organic, actually!) and is not loaded with preservatives, corn syrup, etc. and other garbage like you find in other organic bars. Read the label!

Pure bars are now a staple in this house
I have allergies to soy (so much so that I cannot eat soy lecithin or soybean oil, nor can I eat anything manufactured on the same equipment), and am also allergic to sesame. So finding pre-packaged foods that I can actually eat without being sick is a challenge.

The Pure Bar has more than met my expectations, and I plan on always having these in my house. All of them are delicious–especially the Apple Cinnamon. Definitely worth a try if you have food allergies!
- Millie

Pure is an amazing Apple Cinnamon Bar
These Pure bars are delicious. They are satisfying, and actually taste like apples and cinnamon. Great snack bar, much healthier than others on the market.
- M. Reinbach

Tastes like a dense apple muffin
Pure bar makes their bars in such a way that they’re always soft and semi-sweet. The Apple Cinammon is made of real apples and it’s 100% organic. Tastes kinda like a muffin without any air in it.
- T. Rohlfing

Magnificent AND gluten-free!
So hard to believe that these Pure bars are good for you. They’re tasty, 100% organic and good enough to make you feel like you aren’t missing anything by giving up gluten.
- K. Taylor

A health food bar that’s so delicious!
I am not a big fan of most of the healthy “bars” available. These Pure bars are so different though. They are basically just fruit and nuts. No flour or soy or any additives. They taste fantastic.
- Michele D.

Wait a minute, these Pure Bars ARE a staple for me!
Wow! These Pure bars are sooo good. Texture is good and the ingreds are high quality. I’m not a vegan, but these would be a staple for me if I were….Actually, they are a staple for me. :)

These bars have a great texture and are of the highest quality. Vegetarians will love the taste, which is like a puff of air.
- JD

Pure Bar is great for celiac sufferers
These Pure snack bars are really good. I guess the selling point for me is that my daughter, who has Celiac, really likes them and she tends to be a picky eater. We’ll be picking up more of these!
- J. Yeager

Pure bar I love love love these!
I first got these Pure bars as a promotional item in a gift bag and I was pleasantly surprised. Normally I don’t like anything that has fruit in it besides fruit itself. If I eat a bar, it must be chocolaty. But I absolutely loved loved loved these. I’m not a health nut, but I do try to eat healthy as much as possible. Most bars in health food stores have an ingredient list as long as my arm, but this is the most simple bar ever. Raw, vegan, organic, agave nectar sweetened, gluten free- perfection!

I first purchased them on Amazon. I also regularly checked my local whole foods until one day they finally started carrying them. Frankly I’m sick of larabars and all the other bars that claim to be 100% this or that but really aren’t. I wish this company much success, as finally someone is doing something for the sake of health instead of profit.
- P. Demeestere